Workaholics Season 2 Episode 10

6 Hours Till Hedonism II.

Workaholics"It's just semen. Stop whining." Before last night's Season 2 finale of Workaholics, I was only familiar with two aspects of hedonism: 1) its philosophic value of maximizing pleasure, probably exercised most accurately by Hedonismbot, and 2) it's an adult oriented resort, I think, like Club Med...but everything is naked. But alas, there's more! For instance, did you know that there aren't one but TWO Hedonism resorts in Jamaica? And did you know that on the premises of Hedonism II exists an Italian eatery with Jamaican fusion named Pastafari? Well if you didn't, then that's okay! Because Blake does! And he's never been more excited than he is while preparing a Thanksgiving vacation to the drug- and nudism-friendly vacation spot with his adopted family of Adam and Ders. One problem, though. Due to Blake's ineptitude of international travel regulations, and just general overall laziness, he never mailed in his passport application, thus leaving him absent of consular protection a mere six hours before their scheduled departure to Jamaica. Let the scramble to secure a babe-ridden, beachside boozefest begin! I mean, that Jamaican Jerk Lasagna isn't gonna eat itself! Ayo, maggots!



I parked my van outside of a college for three and a half semesters.

When he's not painting a 'G' on his rape van in order to sell discarded grapes to farmers markets, Karl "the life wizard" Hevacheck puts Adam, Blake, and Ders in touch with Betsy, a single mom who specializes in making fake passports. Glad to see that Karl rebounded quickly after being left at the alter presumably three weeks prior. More importantly, he's back to selling drugs. But MOST importantly is that he's actually funny again and serves a purpose.



I was raised by a single mother. And Stone Cold Steve Austin, via a TV.

Confusing Jamaica with the Bahamas - which in and of itself was confused with Puerto Rico - Blake admits that he didn't think he needed a passport to soak up some sun in the Carribbean. And since he's the only one that "speaks Jamaican", Adam and Ders do all they can to ensure that Blake be able to make the trip, because if he can't go, then none of them are going. Very rarely does Blake have a slip up that affects the greater group. Usually he's the one remedying problems, not being the root of them. Still, you have to feel for the guy during this time of year. He comes from a broken home, and if there's any time of the year that is reminiscent of quality time with the whole family, it's the what-feels-like-67-weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It also doesn't help that the Jamaican Jerk Lasagna he finally gets to eat when they make it to Jamaica tastes like cat shit.


A+ Help us help you help yourself...while also helping us.

Adam is absolved of any and all misgivings he's ever had, or ever will have, on this show because of the flawlessly executed mangina that I still can't believe, nor probably never will ever believe, Comedy Central aired on nationally broadcasted television. [WARNING: It's incredible.] A+√ forever.


A Anders Holmvik can't go to Hedonism II because he's going to run for city councilman one day. But Buddy Ferrara? He's a goatee-sportin', good time-havin' freaky cat! Anders Holmvik 4 Prez 2024.

Extra Credit

  • "Where are all the titties and buttcheeks?"
  • "Blakester's ready to get his knob gobbled."


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