The Newsroom

The Atlantic Cable News Network is home to THE GREATEST NEWS SHOW OF ALL TIME AKA News Night with Will McAvoy. The anchor is changing the way news is done one high and mighty monologue at a time. The NN crew is led by Will’s foil in love and work (and Mc-ness) Mackenzie McHale. The staff includes 2013’s Jim and Pam: Jim (Producer) and Maggie (Associated Producer), Sloan Sabbith (financial advisor), and Neal Sampat ( writer?). While the trials of the News Night crew keep us entertained, yesterdays’ not-so-current events keep News Night running. It’s Sorkin’s best show-within-a-show show since Studio 60.

Episode Guide

Season 2 Episode 9
As Election Night comes to a close we realize not only the nation is making some big life decisions.
Season 2 Episode 8
Election Coverage begins as the News Night team crumbles in the wake of Genoa.
Season 2 Episode 7
Genoa implodes, the lawsuit plantiff is revealed and News Night's senior staff intends to resign.
Season 2 Episode 6
Movement on Genoa, Will's identity crisis worsens, Maggie's drinking continues and Don and Mac share a moment.
Season 2 Episode 5
A real-time episode of News Night with all the behind the scenes drama include. Will's father is in the hospital, Maggie falters, Sloan has been exposed and Charlie gets some more Genoa intel.
We finally learned what happened in Africa in the Maggie-centric tale. Meanwhile, Shelly Wexler from OWS is humiliated by Will and is holding valuable information regarding a lead on Genoa.
Season 2 Episode 3
The Genoa tip develops further, Jim somehow makes politics worse and Will continues to force 'civility' on unsuspecting victims.
Season 2 Episode 2
The second episode of The Newsroom, entitled “The Genoa Tip” is off and running. As you might expect – based on the title – this is the episode where a story about a military extraction sinks its teeth into the ACN team. Jerry is hot on its tail, and a call to a MarSOC (which is a play on J-SOC for military geeks) special forces gentleman confirms the rumor. Also important to note: Every “news” story they’ve covered until now were real events, oil spills, the war, the Tea Party… there was no “Genoa” in our NNL (Non-Newsroom Life). Just something to keep an eye on.
Season 2 Episode 1
Will has taken a beating after calling the Tea Party “the American Taliban” and is pulled off 9/11 anniversary coverage. Maggie has apparently been to Africa, where Will tells us “it got real” and you know he means it, because you can always judge a woman’s mental homeostasis by her haircut… and she looks like a shaggy confused Prince Harry. Don is now running Sloan’s show, Sloan clearly has a thing for Don, and Neal is forcing us to experience Occupy Wall Street. For the record: I covered OWS, and it was every bit as frustrating to watch and experience as the initial meeting ran by Shelley. LLOYD BLANKFEIN is about to be a pop culture reference, get pumped.
The highly anticipated first season of Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom ended on a surprisingly optimistic note. Will isn't fired by Leona or murdered by a stalker while Jim and Maggie give us a kiss. Charlie lives to see another year and we're all left daydreaming about Neal's substantial role in next season's coverage of the 2012 presidential election. Oh, just me? Will.B Will had a long way to climb from the asshole we met in the first episode.
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