The Good Wife

Despite this not being 2008 or a Law & Order episode, the plot of The Good Wife can only be described as ‘ripped from the headlines.’ Alicia Florrick, former lawyer, mother of two, and wife of a politician-cum-scoundrel, picks up the shattered pieces of her life after said lothario husband is found guilty of cavorting with prostitutes. Having spent many years as the ‘good wife,’ Alicia returns to practice law at a firm run by an old flame to support her family and continues to struggle with standing by her man and standing up for herself.

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Season 6 Episode 8
You know it's going to be an interesting episode when it starts with Alicia showing up at Finn's new office with a bottle of bourbon. Yeah, so Finn no longer works for the State's Attorney's office and he's now working one floor away from Alicia. He continues to be adorable and perfect and even convinces Alicia to volunteer at the soup kitchen where he works every Wednesday (in the world's sexiest hoodie, I might add).
Season 6 Episode 7
There are 58 days until Cary's trial. 58 DAYS. I really thought this "Cary Goes to Jail" thing would be a fun little way to kick off the season, not one of its major plot lines. I'm not sure how much more of this I can handle.
Season 6 Episode 6
Alicia's campaign for State's Attorney is now in full swing, which means she has to start telling voters what they want to hear...namely, that she's no longer an atheist. While this isn't exactly true, she's got to find a way to dance around her belief in God during a live interview with a well respected pastor.
Season 6 Episode 4
Let's just start by saying that I think I had to pause this episode like, 75 times to furiously type out Alicia's ridiculously amazing comebacks. Opposition Research, or 'oppo research' as the cool kids call it, is the first step in Alicia's decision to run for State's Attorney and it involves having every single skeleton in her closet (and in her family's closets) dredged up and analyzed by strangers. Hence the need for snarky comebacks and witty rebuttals throughout the process with Eli and her new campaign manager, Johnny Elfman, ye of toussled hair and deliberate scruff.
Season 6 Episode 3
Cary may be out of jail, but he's not exactly home free yet. The episode centered around a series of interviews with Cary's Pre-trial Service Officer, a no-nonsense lady who turned out to be his saving grace. She had separate meetings with Cary, Alicia, and Diane, all of which were interspersed throughout the case-of-the-week storyline about two farmers arguing over the illegal use of patented seeds, to discern whether Cary should remain free on bail. The biggest problem is that Cary had a little "celebration for two" with Kalinda just after being released from prison, after which she went to warn the informant in Bishop's crew that he was in grave danger. Well, that informant just happened to be the key witness in the State's Attorney's case against Cary and Kalinda's little rendez vous with Cary, followed by her visit to the informant, made it look like Cary asked her to intimidate the witness into hiding.
Season 6 Episode 2
We can all rejoice because Cary is finally out of jail! Yes, I realize it was only two episodes, but still, it was rough. Granted this probably means fewer shirtless Cary scenes, but at least we don't have to worry as much about him getting shived on a regular basis.
Season 6 Episode 1
Well, they certainly didn’t waste any time getting right back into the action with the season six premiere of The Good Wife. Cary gets arrested right off the bat and he spends the majority of the episode auditioning for Orange Is the New Black. He’s gotten mixed up in some sort of nasty legal matter relating to that pesky Chicago drug lord Lemond Bishop, a Florrick/Agos client. It remains unclear whether Cary really did offer Bishop and his crew advice on how to move a drug shipment under the radar, but if the look of doe-eyed confusion on his face is any indication, Cary has no idea what’s going on.
Season 5 Episode 22
If there's one word I'd use to describe the season five finale of The Good Wife, it would be pivotal. Don't you agree? Everything that happened in this episode could send the show careening off into a million different directions. Will Alicia run for State's Attorney? Will Diane really work for Florrick/Agos? Will Kalinda and Cary probably end up murdering each other? Does Grace feel bad that everyone keeps calling her parent's 'empty nesters' even though only her older brother is going off to college? Only time will tell...
Season 5 Episode 21
I suppose we were due for some down time after an action-packed few weeks on The Good Wife. This episode was a little slow going, but we did manage to get another Kalinda/Cary sexy time scene and a bunch of Louis Canning one-liners. Alicia represented James Paisley, a very wealthy business man who suffers from an acute case of word vomit -- he goes on live television and makes comments that liken the struggles of the richest one percent of Americans to the plight of the Jews in Nazi Germany. Then he manages to offend Greeks and Italians in one breath. All this after getting a pie thrown in his face by a rogue server with Occupy Wall Street-leaning tendencies at a corporate board meeting. Yeah, he's not making very many friends and he certainly wasn't making Alicia's job of defending him in a law suit any easier. Tom Skerritt returns to play Paisley and let's just say the last time he was on the show I ended up falling down an internet search rabbit hole and watching The Parent Trap Two on YouTube. Eli finally finds out about the Florricks' "arrangement" and is none too pleased to see Peter getting flirty with a red lipsticked intern, all while trying to refute the allegation that Alicia is sleeping with Finn Polmar (she's not). But we did learn that Finn is in fact divorced, and essentially available if Alicia wants to remedy that situation...and who could blame her?
Season 5 Episode 20
Thank you, Good Wife writers, for bestowing upon us Daniel Irwin. Nestor Carbonell was introduced as a charming new love interest for Alicia and I could just spend all night gazing into his eyes over a glass of red wine. Too bad Alicia DIDN'T! Was I the only one screaming at Alicia to turn the eff around and walk into that bar and join him? I'm getting ahead of myself... Alicia spends a hot second in jury duty (where she meets the aforementioned dream boat) and takes a much needed day off thanks to some coercion from Cary. But if there's one thing Alicia can't do, it's chillax. She tries and fails to watch TV, she tries and fails to have a leisurely lunch with her mom (yay Stockard Channing! More on her later), and tries and fails to meet Daniel for a harmless drink.
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