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Most of us are still recovering from the epic events of last week's episode, and the same goes for the characters who are waking up on the next day wondering how to move on. We get a glimpse of Diane, Will, and Alicia, all rising in their respective beds as they get ready to face a world in which Lockhart/Gardner will never be the same.


This excellent episode was The Diane Show from start to shocking finish. So much transpired and it all seemed to center around the lady of the hour -- Ms. Diane Lockhart (newly married to Kurt McVeigh, but I doubt she'll be taking his name). We begin the six degrees of Diane Lockhart with a pesky law suit brought on by none other than her law school rival, Viola Walsh (Rita Wilson, looking good!), representing a disgruntled L/G paralegal who's suing the firm for 'causing a hostile workplace.' The law suit is merely a ploy to damage Diane's chance of becoming a judge because Viola is just that bitchy.

While entertaining, the law suit was not the highlight of the episode -- although it did give us some more quality time with Elsbeth Tascioni, the quirkier-by-the-minute lawyer played by (the Emmy-winning!) Carrie Preston. That was a treat, as always, especially considering she was trying to rack up steps on a pedometer and spent much of the episode bouncing up and down or jogging on her treadmill desk -- the main focus was the inevitable unraveling of Alicia and Cary's not-so-secret secret plans to leave L/G and start their own firm. Diane caught Alicia cracking into one of her client files and from there on out she was like a bloodhound in a gorgeous suit sniffing out the truth. She managed to get confirmation over drinks with the client that Alicia was in fact planning to defect and start her own firm. But we were left to wonder what Diane would do with this information until the very end of the episode...

We also had the pleasure of a sneak peek into Diane's personal life, and let me tell you and did not disappoint! She shot some guns and ate some steak with her man, but their day of fun was jolted by a run-in with Diane's good friends from law school. Let's just say that these liberal intellectuals were taken aback by Kurt's right wing beliefs. It didn't seem to bother Diane at all until she asked Kurt if she could meet his friends and discovered that they are all twenty-something ladies. Fortunately, Diane and Kurt managed to move past these differences and they tied the knot in the Marriages and Civil Unions office of the Court House. The bride wore a stunning black suit with a diamond broach and the groom presented her with lilies. Sigh, it was perfect.

That brings me to the final bombshell regarding what exactly Diane did with her golden nugget of information about Alicia's plans...after some deliberation and awkward staring contest with Alicia, she marched right into Will's office and said "Alicia’s leaving the firm with Cary and she’s taking our top clients.” BOOM.


The wheels are in motion indeed! We made more progress in this one episode than we did throughout the entire build up to last week's Shamrock Ball. Not only that, but it also brought us the return of two fantastic guest stars: the slyly murderous Colin Sweeney and ballistics expert/Diane's love bunny, Kurt McVeigh.

Trouble must follow Colin Sweeney around because the last time we saw him, he was trying to retake his company after getting off on a murder charge (did I mention he killed his wife and got away with it?) while dealing with his crazy/sexy/mostly crazy girlfriend who claimed he sexually assaulted her and fathered her child. She's back this time too, but they're totally getting married. Ah, love. Sweeney is now being blamed for shooting a gun at a party, an action which, thanks to an impending supreme court motion, would somehow result in a life prison sentence for him. Because of this ridiculous time constraint, Alicia and Will end up having to run the "fastest trial in history." Which makes me wonder, why don't they just do all their trials that fast? It's like when airplane pilots say they'll make up time in the air. Why weren't they going that fast to begin with? I digress.

Diane is faced with a choice between pursuing a life together with Kurt and her shot at a seat on the Supreme Court because of his public pro-gun lobbying, while Will tries to move on from Alicia by dating Laura. Alicia's not immune to romantic hardships either as she can't seem to stop thinking about Will. But who can blame her?


If this were an episode of Lost (oh God, how cool would a Good Wife/Lost mash-up be?! Come on, internet, let's get to it!), this would have been considered a Diane-centric episode. She ruled the roost and even got a little action out of the deal. Will's still being suspended from wearing silk ties and doling out legal advice and Alicia continues to pine over her old house and perhaps, her former lifestyle.

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