Smash Season 1 Episode 10



Burn, Baby, Burn

"Who was that?" -- Ellis

"Castro's brother, Raoul" -- Eileen

"Really?" -- Ellis

"No, don't be ridiculous." -- Eileen

Smash teased Episode 10 as being the big night we would meet the "new" Marilyn, movie star, Ms. Rebecca Duvall (aka Uma Thurman). Sticking true to form as always, Smash did not introduce her until the last possible moment. Literally.

Karen filled in for Ms. Duvall the whole night as this episode's namesake -- the Understudy. Of course, Karen was half amazing (singing) and half terrible (taking direction; knowing how to be prepared for work; and her Marilyn voice, yikes!). Maybe, just maybe, I'm not giving Smashenough credit. Perhaps in some genius way they were telling us we would meet the new Marilyn tonight and really that new Marilyn is Karen. Wait a second, that's too clever for both Smash and their promo writers. Plus, I'm still holding out for Ivy to get back in the mix. #TeamIvy4Eva

Karen & Ivy

Last week's shenanigans left Ivy on the outskirts this week. What would you do if you were fired from "Bombshell"? Sing Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway"? Sounds about right. It's like she broke up with Broadway and her dreams. All those weird flashbacks to her love affair as Marilyn while she hid behind a van. It felt like she just might grab a gun and murder them all. But, she didn't. Even when she learned that Karen was the new understudy, Ivy kept a level head, gave Derek advice and even bought Karen a gift. Oh, this will not end well. Not well at all. But I love that Ivy's conniving ways are just growing more and more insane. Go, Ivy, go, go!

Our new understudy, Karen, had a great week at work but a crappy one at home. I'm blaming Dev on her relationship problems. Why isn't he telling her about being passed over for promotion at work? Is he trying to make them both crazy? Cause it's working. He's doing a great job. Who knew Dev was such a hot head? Boy does he LOVE to yell, "sod."

Ivy --

Karen --

Julia & Tom

If you thought Julia's marital problems were going to give Debra Messing some really meaty dialogue to sink her acting chops into, you were wrong. She hit an all time low when she bugged out on an NYU student who mentioned her husband (and Wikipedia, a lot). Messing would be more subtle if she took acting classes from Charlie Chaplin or the Three Stooges or Gallagher.

Yes! Finally, hot Republican Gay Lawyer, John, notices that Tom is NOT into him at all and totally into Sam. Good on ya, Johnboy! I hate to admit it but when Tom stood in for studio exec Zanuck in a number in the workshop, he was kinda amazing. Can we just cast Tom in the Musical and get him to stop being part of the other story lines?

We learned that Tom & Julia's first play ever was called, "Three on a Match" and that every year they find it playing somewhere and go to see it. And it is awful. Really, superbly awful. Especially terrible when Tom tried to do something sweet for Julia and she bugged out over Frank, say what? Left with so many questions: What does Three on a Match mean? Can they please explain it? And why didn't Julia tell Tom what was happening with Frank?

Tom --

Julia --

Eileen & Ellis

The Bobsy Idiots were at it again this week (see quote at top of this post). Eileen managed to rail on Ellis a good deal and even get a new investor all on her own. Plus she finally made out with Nick. Hoozah!

Ellis mainly ran around with his Chihuahua tail between his legs. Me like.

Eileen --

Ellis --


I know that Derek has had a complete and utter personality change but I'm loving it. He is super nice to Ivy, he is super nice to Karen, and he fights on the streets like a British bad boy. Loved it all.

Except for that creepy way he started fantasizing about Karen as Marilyn while she was legit screwing up. I mean Karen's Marilyn voice is probably the worst thing ever and if that was working for him is highly disturbing. Derek's got more deep seeded problems then we ever knew.

Marilyn of the Week


Ivy takes the prize this week. Her cold calculating moves to get back into "Bombshell" is so evil and mastermindy even the Brain would approve. (Yes, as in Pinky and the Brain). Ivy will take over the world, one gift to Karen at a time. And I will help her do it.

Extra Credit

  • Hardly ANYTHING from Ellis this ep. Yahoo. Thank you, Smash gods.
  • Adore that Karen/Ivy's friends in the chorus are so two-faced and that they take bets on how long Karen will last as understudy. With friends like them, who needs friends? Amirite?


  • Uma Thurman not being in the episode at ALL. Boo. Me and Quentin Tarantino didn't like that at all. #U&Q4Eva
  • Randy Cobra. Why would an old rocker invest in a musical? Is he going to start writing songs for it? This is just the worst. I'm not liking it. Also, terrible name sir.
  • Leo has wrestling you guys. That is all.
  • To me for calling Rebecca Duvall, Ms. Duvall 100 times. What's going on with me?
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