Smash Season 1 Episode 7

The Workshop.

Worship My Butt!

The child thing never ceases to perplex me." -- Derek

"Because you're a reptile." -- Tom
I've got to say last night's episode made me really want Smash to do well and actually become a Broadway musical a la Grease: You're the One That I Want.On the other hand, it also made me really want Smash to get cancelled so Megan Hilty can return to Broadway. Either way it's a win-win because bottom line: this show is getting GOOD. All the ridiculous subplots were perfectly done last night, not too crazy, not too boring, but just right. Let's get to it!

Eileen & Ellis

That old horse really laid down the law on creep-dropper when Ellis told Eileen about Julia and Swifty's affair. Finally someone is telling this kid what he needs to hear, "you'll never work in this town again!" Of course, this weird May-CreepCember friendship continues to go strong as they promptly went out for a drink right afterwards. Eileen is going to hook up with the European bartender in about 5 seconds. Can't wait for her to start throwing the best $7 martini in Manhattan at him. Also how come every time she sidles up to the bar he doesn't ask her, "Why the long face?"

Ellis --

Eileen --

Julia & Swifty

Chico's must be paying so much in advertising bucks to have Julia wearing their cotton clingy clothes every week. Her wardrobe seriously could not be any worse. Can we upgrade her to The Gap? Or Ann Taylor? Anything other than Cottonfest 2012, please.

I can't wrap my head around Swifty's logic in this whole affair situation, he seems pretty psyched about the whole thing even though his wife and child show up at rehearsal. Is he devoid of emotion? At least Julia puts on huge sunglasses, cries and acts totally irrational and nutballs. It's just too bad that Leo had to awkwardly act upset about the whole thing. Did you see his crying scene? Wowsa. Not good.

Swifty --

Julia -

- B
Leo's Tears --

Ivy & Tom

Here's why I love Ivy foreva, she says things like this to Tom. "Who knew your gaydar was so stupid." I know its rhetorical, Ives, but I knew! Love you for just calling stupid old Tom out.

Here's why I hate Tom foreva, "You were born to do this, you have ice water in your veins." How is that even remotely motivating? You are truly an idiot, sir.

Ivy --

Tom --


Color me Karen-disappointed last night. She had been on such a roll of kicking ass and taking names but she took a step or 5 back this week. She had this amazing opportunity to sing for a huge record producer and turned it down to stay in her shitty workshop and fantasize about being the star of it. Her doe-eyes are back and it's a wee bit annoying.


Kinda of wish that Derek's directing experience with the leading lady who got SARS, duvet with bed bugs and theater with the roof that caved in was the plot of Smash. Derek hit his sweet spot tonight, he wasn't a total douche, he laughed at himself and said a few firm but kind-ish words.

Mama, can you hear me!

Marilyn of the Week: Ivy

Are you kidding? How could she NOT be the Marilyn of the week with the prescription pill mixing; the unsupportive mother cutting her down; and last but not least, being a kick-ass Marilyn in the workshop!? The Ivies have it this week.

Extra Credit

  • Bernadette Peters waking up next to Megan Hilty, stretching out her arms and going, "I slept like a rock." Hilarious. Bitchy. Amazing.


  • Leo's acting. Delivering lines like, "I do know what you're in the middle of and I think it sucks and I think you suck," sucks.
  • Tom's "interest" in Sam and his lack of interest in John. Stupes magoops. But, John is being annoying at the workshop.
  • Shall we start a drinking game every time Eileen says Nederlanders or Shuberts?
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