Smash Season 1 Episode 8

The Coup.

Mini Meryl!

"I totally understand why you'd stab Tom and Julia in the back like that."

We get it too! They are the whiniest composer/songwriters ever! While the aftermath of "The Workshop" wasn't quite the dystopian future of The Hunger Games, it was a bit of a wasteland for our favorite Broadway writers, singers, directors and producers. From the weird electonica dancing on a bed in a sheet-dress to the terrible song and dance in a bowling ally, it was pretty bloody out there.

Eileen & Ellis

The terrible twosome grew stronger last night. Ellis weaseled his way into Eileen's office weirdly switching jobs mid-day. I believe I predicted this a-hole would be a co-producer in mere weeks and now he's almost there. Ugh. I couldn't agree with Julia's disgust/disdain more than when she said,"I'd say good riddance but we're still stuck with him."

I lost some respect for Eileen last night. Not because she backstabbed Tom & Julia but because she
hired Ellis and
decided she "didn't" want any of her old stuff for her apartment even though she complains constantly about having zero money. You're a terrible person, Eileen.

Ellis is getting grosser exponentially. Want proof? Go to 29 minutes in and see him sitting practically spread eagle with his "girlfriend." I almost went back and took a picture of this disgusting moment, but I was afraid it would break my phone. So gross. Why did they make him straight? It's so hard to watch.

I hate myself for this but I did agree with Ellis on one point: Tom is a loser.

Eileen --

Ellis --

Dev & Karen

Yikes! These two got into boatloads of trouble this week. Karen's insane Marilyn goes punk slash Enya in a bed sheet performance that really pissed off Julia and Tom, even though Eileen and Derek made her do it. Poor Karen just cannot figure out showbiz, can she? She is so bad at it. When is her shiny good-hearted-ness finally going to be sucked down into the black hole that is New York?

Meanwhile, straight and narrow Dev threw his integrity all the way out the window when he tried to leak nudie pix of his competition. It blew up in his face because for some unknown reason even Anthony Wiener pix can't blow this guy out of the water. Seriously how is this guy untouchable? I mean, even that Kennedy went to jail. Who's this guy related to? Jesus?

Karen --

Dev --

Julia & Tom

These two got thrown under the bus. Backstabbed by pretty much everyone they work with: Derek, Eileen, Ellis & Karen. But don't fret, Julia continued to wear huge glasses and pull insane faces. At least they sort of kind of got rid of the Ellis problem. Or at least got it at arm's length.

Julia --

Tom --

Ivy & Derek

Ivy's week can be summed up in one picture:
Work on that Healthy Attitude, Duckface.
Derek had a big week. He fucked over his co-worker. Got called a homophobe. Got told his father was gay. And then miraculously he grew a heart and showed up at Ivy's to be sweet to her and got laid! Talk about coming out totally unscathed! Way to go duck-face lover!
Ivy --
Derek --

Mahatma Katie

I think we can agree on two things about Mamie Gummer.
She is a delightful baby Meryl Streep and
she should really only play a baby Streep and not a baby Huston. It's just not right. That all being said, I did love her because she stopped Ellis' creep-dropping with this amazing face:

Meryl todes taught her that!

Marilyn of The Week

Bed Sheet Chique

Backstabber Karen gets Marilyn of the week. While she was MORE Norma Jean than double M, putting herself first and going behind Tom & Julia's back was definitely a Marilyn move. Way to go lil' biatch!

Extra Credit

  • "I'm being a big pig" Gay dancer eating fries. Love.


  • The jacket that Derek wore in Brooklyn. Vampire meets Loser?
Watch out, Edward Cullen.
  • Swifty! What are you DOING? Here's some advice if your ex-lover invites you to talk in a park in Soho, don't bring your entire FAMILY with you. That was such a fucked up move. Swifty is a weirdo.

"How's your family?" Julia

"Good. They're RIGHT THERE" Swifty

"They are? THEY ARE! Good." Julia

  • Julia's hubby's Bob Marley in a fedora hat imitation. Come on, you're better than that Chemistry-teacher-Frank.
  • Leo. When are they actually going to reveal that he isn't stoned he's just slow as hell?
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Sunday, April 1, 2012 - 10:18pm

Just a small note to say that Katie was actually played by another talented daughter of Meryl Streep: Grace Gummer.

Monday, April 2, 2012 - 8:42am

MC! Thanks for the catch. In my Gummer excitement, I assumed she was a little Mamie not a Grace, my apologies to Ms. Streep and all the talented Gummers. And of course to the readers of Character Grades.

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