Smash Season 1 Episode 2

The Callback.

That's one big duck mouth.

"I'm so sick of going out on that stage looking like a demented duck”

They cast Marilyn! That was easy. So, what are we doing for the rest of the season? More Karen fantasizing while she's singing? More adopting a baby from China? More sleeping with chorus girls? More Tom being an insane annoying psychopath? Still sounds like a great show and the plot of episode 2.


She worked so hard this week with her knocky knees and weird bad shorts. But, our naive cutie did blow off Dev on his special Deputy Mayor dinner night. Is Karen starting to turn into a career hungry ego maniac? I hope so, it will make her a LOT more interesting. Lucky for Karen, Dev waited at the restaurant, got pissed for point five seconds and then let it go. Yay, relationship saved! Yay, Karen's naivety is saved!


So about looking like a demented duck. Um, you kind of look like a demented duck off-stage too. Especially in that mouth area. That is one big mouth. It gives Mouth from The Goonies a run for his money. Yikes. Despite the duck-face and the sleeping with the director, I'm still on Team Ivy. Here's hoping she gets to keep the role for more than one episode before Karen pushes her down the stairs a la Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls.

Julia & Tom

There is no way Broadway show producers would say, "Thank you for doing this," THAT many times to a nobody. Or frankly, ANYBODY. I cannot suspend my disbelief about that anymore folks. Plus, all this thanking Karen, makes Julia way inconsistent. She'll thank a nobody but take a dump on Ellis every chance she gets. I mean, I don't blame her for shitting on Ellis, he is the worst.

Tom's hair has got to go. That mop top looks like a Muppet piece from the 80s. Also, his obsession with Ivy has got to go. Is he turning straight or just more annoying?

Julia --

Tom --


Wonderful job making a pursed lipped face at your ex-husband's new fling. It was the only decent thing Eileen got to do the whole ep. but she nailed it.


The good news: he's an equal opportunity harasser of actresses. The bad news: he doesn't know how to do sex. Okay, okay, he might have known how to do sex if this had been on Showtime, but on NBC, he does NOT know how to do sex.


Stop creeping, creeper. You're the worst. Stop saying it's "your idea". Here's my idea, Ellis, you're annoying.

Call Me Duckfaced Marilyn

Marilyn Of the Week: Ivy

She porked the director and got the role. Nothing says Marilyn Monroe to me like casting coach sex. My hat and pants are off to you, madame.

Extra Credit

  • Karen thorks out and shakes the hands of all the dancers at the callbacks.
  • The amazing little sister from Some Kind of Wonderful is Julia and Frank's adoption agent. Yay! Glad that lady is getting work but devastated it's tied to this hideous plot point.
Watts & Keith 4Eva


  • Julia's hubby is a SCIENCE teacher? And he actually said, "There's always a good market for science teachers"? Um no. Have you MET the teacher crisis in this country?
  • Julia's son. Are we really expected to believe that he is so broken up about his "sister" waiting for him in China? That is a stretch. This is either one sensitive 16 year old or a complete idiot. I'm banking on the later.
  • This entire adoption subplot. MAKE IT STOP.
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Thursday, February 16, 2012 - 9:32am

I would appreciate Ellis more if he could taking the spicing it up a notch - not just claiming Marilyn was his idea and eavesdropping.

Totally agree on the wooden doll. Actually had the thought, "Is that Keanu Reeves' long lost son?"

Music Fab
Thursday, February 16, 2012 - 8:11am

Thanks for the humorous review. I didn't mind Ellis. In fact, him being there spices things up. However, I did not care for the wooden doll passing off as Julia's son.

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