Smash Season 1 Episode 5

Let's Be Bad.

Smile. I'm taking a sex pic of you.

"I always thought R.J. stood for Ralph Johnson."

"Let's Be Bad" was bad in every sense of the word. I get it, I get it, all the characters are being "bad" whilst perfecting the number, "Let's Be Bad." But they're also acting really, really, badly and doing really dumb stuff. Karen is the only beacon of hope in this episode as her slow morph into Nomi Malone (that's Elisabeth Berkley character from Showgirls) continues.

Michael & Julia

C- Does anyone understand the timing of when they were together? Julia is making it seem like they didn't have families back "then." However, Leo is like 17 and clearly knows Michael and even has a pet name for that mother-lover ("Is that Swifty!?"). Julia, if you don't want Swifty to lust after you, just keep eating whip cream the way you eat it. Stop. Licking. Your. Fingers. Michael is taking off in a totally new direction this week. He clearly does not care about his family at all in this episode. Remember when we met this sweet heart who didn't even want to take this gig because he loved his family so much in ep. 3? Where is that guy when you need him? Not making out with Julia as her creeper son, Leo, looked on. Not cool, Swifty. Not cool. Julia -- C+ Swifty --

Dev & Karen

A Jealousy is a-brewing in the Cartwright-Sundaram household (those are their last names). Karen feels threatened by Dev's relationship with Ralph Johnson, I mean, RJ the hottie NYT reporter. So what did she do? She won Dev's heart back by taping into her inner-sexy and using to find out the name of his competition for the press secretary job. Now, that he knows that guy's NAME, I'm sure Dev will beat him out for the job! Go, Karen! Um, that is kinda lame. She just "found out the name"? So what? How is that going to help Dev get a job? Maybe if she had pushed that guy off the Intrepid to his death that could have helped. Karen is beginning to show her inner Nomi. She lied about being cast as "Marilyn" at Dev's party. She gave Ivy attitude while coaching her on her vibrato. She practically masturbated to herself in the mirror while singing a song -perhaps the most Nomi thing ever! Yay! Dev -- B Karen --

Ivy & Derek

A- These two are headed for disaster and it's pretty amazing to watch. As Derek ups his Douche factor, Ivy is ups her Diva-tude. Something tells me that Ivy cannot maintain being such a Diva (that something is the promo for next week when she eats a bottle of pills). Yay! But something inside me keeps wondering, are the Diva and the Douche a perfect match? Ivy -- B+ Derek --

All the rest:

FB+C+BFTom: Seeing Tom's half-naked body last night was not good. I mean, no WONDER the sex was terrible. Tom was kind of a total dick about the bad sex too. Did he really have to emphasize how it was ABSOLUTELY the worst he ever had? How about the time he fucked Derek? Wasn't that worse? John: Dear John. You are so hot. Why are you interested in Tom? Seriously, why? Please let the terrible sex end this coupling. Please, please, please. Love, me. Leo: I love the casting of Leo. I can totally believe that he and Debra Messing are mother and son. Their terrible acting is just the tops. Also, congrats Leo, you've taken over the creep-dropper title from Ellis. Well played, sir. Eileen: Seriously, Eileen? You're letting Ellis on your computer? You fool! I did enjoy you just thumping your big hooves against the keys. Ellis: Hardly in this episode, yahoo. Still annoying though.

Marilyn of the Week: Karen

This is how I put on my shoes.

Karen learned how to use her sex appeal this week! Yahoo. She used it on herself, Dev's competition and on Dev in the back of a cab. Go, sex-pot, go!

Extra Credit

  • "Let's Be Bad" as a fully produced song is kinda awesome.
  • Loving the gay-dancer-who-loves-sports, Sam. Breaking stereotypes is always fun. But him clearly crushing on Tom, not so much.
  • These line from the promos for next week:

"She's hyper sensitive to drugs" - While Ivy downs handfuls of pills "If you don't talk to me I'll make a scene." - Swifty to Jules. High School, FTW!


  • Dev, you're in a town car not a limo, there is no thingamagiggy that goes up. Just pork your girlfriend and stop talking to the driver.
  • Eileen shows her age. No, not with her neck, you guys! By saying this, "Oh, look the Marilyn memoir and i can open it without a password, how quaint."
  • Tom left this lame-o voicemail: "Anyway, without you I'd still be trying to tap dance Leo out of jail. Anyhoo."
  • Just realized it this episode, but Julia looks a leetle big, right? Just a little bit big, no?


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Tuesday, March 6, 2012 - 6:17pm

Ugh, Leo is totally the new Ellis. This show makes me want to... smash... things. So why can't I stop watching it?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 - 7:03pm

Is this the REAL LEO?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012 - 2:17pm

I think it's getting more evident that Ivy is more suited to Karen, though.

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