Smash Season 1 Episode 15


"Yes, Derek, we're all under a lot of pressure but according to Equity, there are still breaks."

About 12 hours ago the finale of Smash started with a major tease. A first person single camera shot of "someone" walking from backstage to Marilyn's first position behind the curtain. Luckily Uma Thurman wasn't in this ep so Quentin Tarantino probably wasn't watching and puking at the terrible camera work. The finale tried to use its title, "Bombshell", as double entendre -- but non-spoiler alert: the bombs weren't impactful for the viewer OR the characters:

  • Ellis admitted poisoning Rebecca. No doy!
  • Ivy had the engagement ring all along. No doy!
  • Ivy admitted to F-ing Dev in a failed attempt to get Karen to quit the show. No double doy!
  • Karen became Marilyn. Biggest no doy alive.
  • No one died. That was surprising. I thought we were promised a death!?

Ivy, Karen & Dev

My dreams of these two being besties and Dev getting hit by a car were smashed last night (see what I did there??). My fave Ivy turned out to be a post-sex-hoarding Karen's engagement ring in her purse, all the while telling Dev she didn't have it. You've got to admire her gumption, girl will do anything for a role. Don't kid yourself, she's bee like this ALL season long since episode 1 where she f-ed Derek. Ivy's always been a wonderful little snake. I'm hoping that she takes that handful of pills and jams them directly into Dev's mouth in the opening of Season 2.

As the French might say Karen's transformation, "c'est complet." Why would the French say it? I have no idea, they just would! Karen pulled off Marilyn, even though no one thought she could (except Derek obvi). Plus she got rid of that drip Dev (unfortunately not because he died in a pile up on I-95) leaving her open for sexing it up with Derek in Season 2. Overall, a good night.

Ivy --

Karen --

Dev --

Eileen & Ellis


"I'm not an assistant! I'm a Producer!"

It only took 15 hours of our lives, folks, but finally Ellis is fired! What kind of idiot admits to poisoning someone? Do you want to get arrested? And also, Ellis, how many times do I have to tell you, Producers don't poison, they stab and shoot. Sheesh.

Eileen --

Ellis --

Julia & Tom

"She needs to make A PHONE CALL."

Julia and Tom really shined last night. Jules was hilarious while screaming (see above quote), and was ridiculous in her Chico's dashikis and oversized glasses. Tom was hardly featured at all which is in a word, perfection. He did do one amazing thing though: he just played random keys on the piano like a child while they were writing that new song. Hilarious. Well played, sir.

I'll say these 2 things about Julia's "pregnancy" scare.
Obvi it's Michael's since she and Frank can't conceive which is dumb and
if that old hag is really pregnant, than I will GET PREGNANT and have a baby and name her Marilyn Smash Bombshell.



"This is who she is. She's mine now... She's mine if I can find her."

Derek was in prime Derek-form last night. The weirdest thing he did was go into the wardrobe closet and pretty much masturbate to Karen and Ivy while fantasizing about them and touching Rebecca's clothes. Creeeeeepsville. The lamest thing he did was tell Karen this right before she went on stage, "Whatever happens next don't ever forget you're a star and I do understand love." So, now you're in LOVE with Karen? Oh, pshaw!

Derek --

Marilyn of the Week

It's a total tie! Karen killed it portraying Marilyn but Ivy was more like Marilyn if you ask me. And not just because of the pill popping. I feel like Marilyn would have f-ed over just about anyone who got in her way.

Extra Credit

  • Deb Mess was so good in this ep. I love when she acts insane. More of that next season please.
  • That stage manager! Damn, she is the BEST ever. More stage manger please. Also, she is nothing like any stage manager I have ever met who are usually socially retarded weirdos. #truth


  • That "extra" song that was supposed to save the show. SO bad. Honestly that song wants me to think about Marilyn every time someone is "in need of a hand", every time I tell someone I love them and every time "I wish diamonds were free?" ... Really? I prefer the suicide fade to black ending, but that just might be the Goth girl living inside me.
  • Ellis' weirdo suit. Tres Liberace. Too bad Ellis is only gay for pay.
  • Nick Jonas being back for one weird minute.
  • Jerry. Why didn't Eileen throw a martini in his face! Boo.
  • Leo. Ugh. Stop saving your parents marriage.
  • Dev asking Ivy about the ring pretty much in front of the entire cast. IDIOT.
  • Biggest demerit, that ""Bombshell" isn't set to open on Broadway yet!

Now that I've said my piece, what do YOU all think of the Finale? Was it as bomb-tastic as you wanted it to be? And what will happen in Season 2!?

Season 1 Episode 14.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 1:26pm

I actually hated this finale. I thought it was completely predictable and didn't feel any suspense whatsoever. Karen was TERRIBLE as Marilyn Monroe. She was completely lacking in energy and passion and her dramatic scenes in the musical were painful to watch. When Derek told Ivy that she didn't have that "thing" that Karen had, I actually laughed out loud. Megan Hilty has so much more talent than Katharine McPhee that it's laughable. The work she had done on the musical was extremely impressive and she was clearly more qualified.

I can already tell I'm getting to into this. I was just really disappointed. Your post, however, was great as always!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 2:05pm

You have a good point. Karen is all breathy voice Marilyn while Ivy just IS Marilyn (see popping pills and F-ing directors). I mean, you know I'm Team Ivy 4evas.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 1:56pm

A little disappointed. Ivy was better suited to play the part. Karen grated on my nerves. Derek should have been hit by a bus. He's such a sleaze. Ugh!

Season 2: They've gotta start letting Ivy win some of these battles.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012 - 2:07pm

I would love if Derek was hit by a bus and came back in a wheel chair a la Quinn in "Glee" or Daren on "The Killing" ... THAT would be a fun story line.

If Season 2 isn't Ivy's turn, I will murder people and I'll actually get it done (that's a dig on Ellis).

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