Revenge Season 2 Episode 18


“They say life is defined by the roles we play, if you’ve joined us this hallowed evening, it could only mean that you’ve played them well.” -Victoria

While the battle for the Iron Throne rages on HBO, Queen Victoria of ABC is still monarch of the Hamptons, and this week she’s throwing a masquerade ball. I have to hand it to Revenge, it’s not an easy night to be sitting in the 9pm time slot, where at the exact same time in TV land Game of Thrones is premiering their third season and The Walking Dead is concluding Season 3. And yet, Revenge toughed it out and weathered through the storm… but did they pull through and deliver? In a show that’s been steadily losing steam since the far more intriguing first season, I’d say tonight’s episode was good enough…but not nearly as good to make the average viewer ditch a Governor Vs. Rick showdown on AMC or a Tyrion snarkfest on HBO.

Now on to the grades!

Victoria & Conrad C- & C

At the end of the last episode we found out that Queen Victoria has a secret son. It was a revelation that surprised absolutely nobody, in fact, the real surprise would have been if Victoria didn’t have at least one offspring on the d/l. She spends most of this episode talking about ghosts, getting creepy Halloween presents from Emily, whose tapping into the Halloween spirit by digging up the ghosts from Victoria’s past. In her final act, she faints. This episode almost made me forget how awesome she was when she shot Helen Crowley.

Conrad, on the other hand, delivered a pretty solid episode being his usual douchebag-self. It’s not ideal, but at least it’s consistent. He uses Jack to help him with his campaign for the governor’s mansion, he berates Victoria after finding out about her secret son (he also was unsurprised, shocker...) and then he caps off the day by yelling at Ashley, about a David Clark-sized mishap that happened on the campaign trail earlier that day. It’s all in a day’s work for Conrad Greyson, really, I expected nothing less. Someone get this man a scotch, neat.

Emily, Daniel & Aiden

B-, C- & B +Emily spent most of the episode toying with Victoria by dangling memories of the past in front of her face like a mouse dancing in front of a famished, caged cat. She also got back together with Daniel. Her grade this week might have been higher, if it wasn’t for that last part. That’s just…I don’t even want to talk about that.

As for Daniel, he continues to be The Worst. I’d slap him with a solid F for being a tool and a stage 5 clinger (I mean seriously, give Emily some breathing room, dude!), but you know what? I’m in a good mood. I’m going to be generous and grade on a curve. Daniel gets a C…minus…

Aiden really came through this week and actually succeeded at doing something! He killed Trask and located Padma…granted she was already dead by the time he got there, but come on, it’s Aiden we’re talking about! Let’s take it slow.

Nolan A

"Sometimes self deception can be therapeutic."

Nolan, however, did not have such a good week. In fact, for the past six weeks he’s been searching endlessly for Padma. Upon discovering she’s dead, he gets cornered by some detective who seems bent on framing him for her disappearance (and death).

Bad week aside, Nolan’s still the best dressed billionaire in the Hamptons and he managed to get himself together long enough to do some fancy computer techie favor for Jack, and look good at the masquerade ball. Stay strong, Nolan! As long as you can keep yourself together in the next few episodes and we’re not treated to some dreadful Revenge version of the Rick and Lori’s Ghost Saga from The Walking Dead, I’m confident everything will be okay. In other words, keep calm and get your computer skills on.

Jack & Ashley A- & C

Honestly, I don’t have too much to say about these two, except I actually feel bad for Ashley for a change. And whatever is going on with Jack didn’t bore me to tears…in fact, I’m kinda interested in finding out where Jack’s personal revenge plot is going.

The Initiative  F

I remember a time not very long ago when The Initiative seemed to be an all-powerful, menacing entity. Tonight that illusion was shattered when Aiden, the man who failed to save his sister, failed to execute Victoria, and then failed to keep Padma from getting kidnapped, managed to killed yet another member of The Initiative family. I mean, dying sucks, but it certainly does make it suck way more when you’re ambushed, kidnapped and killed by Aiden…without him even breaking a sweat. RIP Trask, you with your Bond-Villain-esqe face had such potential to be a real badass and you killed it, or rather, Aiden did.

“Masquerade” B

Overall solid episode, way more entertaining than the first couple of episodes pre-faux Amanda’s death were, but not nearly as entertaining as all of last season.

Extra Credit

  •  Kudos to the casting department, whoever that girl is that played young Victoria looks so much like Charlotte.
  • Padma is dead. Nolan loved her and I love Nolan, but for reasons I can’t explain, I just had a hard time trusting Padma.


  •  We haven’t seen Takeda since he regenerated with a new face earlier on in the season. Seriously, where has he been and why has he ceased to be relevant?
  • We still don’t know who the Falcon is and… Oh wait, I really don’t care who he is.
  • Charlotte punching that girl for besmirching Amanda’s memory. I think I’d just care way more about that scene if I actually knew who that girl was.
Episode Grade Points: 
Season 2 Episode 17.
Season 2 Episode 19.

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Monday, April 1, 2013 - 6:33pm

Is Emily really pregnant? I thought it was part of the plan.

*plot twist*: Jack turns out to be better at all the revenging stuff than Emily and all her revenge-camp mates. Can you inagine that?

Monday, April 1, 2013 - 10:25pm

My guess is Emily just pretending to be pregnant and it's just another one of her schemes. And I'd keep an eye out for Jack, it won't be long before Takeda's taking Revenge lessons from him, you just wait and see.

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