Revenge Season 1 Episode 10


"The task in front of you requires your full attention - you can't let your emotions lead you, or else you'll fail."


Wax on Revenge. Wax off Emotion.

It's been two weeks since we last saw 'Emily y Emily' and I don't know about you, but I was super-excited to have my favorite show back. In case you're still in a turkey coma or are too busy making your list of who's naughty or nice (obv we know which of your own lists you're on, slut) here's where we left off--

  • The real Emily Thorne is back and she's dating Jack Porter, Amanda Clarke's childhood fling.
  • The fake Emily Thorne wants the realone gone, but realEmily is attention-starved, and Jack's pussy-whipped.
  • Ashley and Tyler are on a roll trying to bring down the rich people they want to become. Tyler -- albeit batshitcrazy -- is winning that race. After bottoming out for Nolan, he got $20 mill out of him to invest in Grayson Global.
  • Tyler is hated by Amandily and Daniel Grayson because Amandily finds him annoying and Daniel feels he's over-stayed his welcome.
  • Declan and Charlotte don't deserve a bullet point, but I had to give them one in order to make that point. Dammit.
  • Mister Miyagi showed up - a Japanese martial arts trainer, who knows Amandily's secret and has somehow come back to check up on his little disciple.
  • The fakeEmily Thorne's mission to exact revenge isn't quite going as planned... and that's probably for the better if this show is going to last longer than a season.
So, back to the Hamptons, North Carolina, Los Angeles set, where Emily is trying to keep this plan together. This episode, Loyalty,was about just that. Where do our loyalties lie? Are our loyalties fueled by true intentions or by twisted agendas? Seems like this episode, everyone was questioning their loyalty. Where does my loyal grading stand? See below.

Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke (Amandily)


WHO is loyal to ME?

This episode you were great, but things are not looking up for you. You get points for putting Nolan in his place and exposing Tyler's Kardashian sex tape (what, they both took it up the butt - they are alike like that) which almost got Tyler fired (until he put his own plans of revenge in motion, which are very similar to yours) and scared Nolan shitless. However, where the plan backfired a bit was when Nolan brought up that your father would be disappointed if he saw you now. You shed a tear, showing you might still be human afterall. Nolan stormed off, leaving us to answer if he'd still help you in this big plot to redeem your name. And Mister Miyagi seems to think your plot to bring down the Graysons is clouded by your feelings for Daniel. How could we blame you? He'd make my mind cloudy and my pants wet too. What is difficult to tell is whether she does reallylike Daniel Grayson. She swore to the Rising Sun Man that she indeed wasn't in love with him, but the way she gives it up for Daniel, has me thinking otherwise. Amandily - where is your loyalty? Are you still on for bringing everyone down, or are you on for just going down on Daniel? Will you reconcile with Nolan or has that partnership run its course? Are you trying to lead the realAmanda Clarke to slaughter, or do you have other plans for her?


Daniel Grayson


I'm jealous.

You're starting to get the hang of this 'how to be an elitist', Grasshoppa. Your loyalty rests with the women in your life - showing you are truly drawn to the power-of-the-pussy! You stood by your mother's side, you are standing by Amanda... and we're a big fan of you bringing down Tyler. Only, where's your loyalty to nudity? We could have used at least oneshirtless shot this episode. It's been two weeks.

Tyler Barrol

B+ I never thought I'd be giving you a grade above a C, but - alas - here it is. A grade you hang on your fridge and all your Top-Leather Daddies can be proud. You're unrelenting. No one can bring you down. You're a cockroach. You're Cher. You just keep getting hit, but keep on going. When it was exposed that you had a sex-tape with Nolan and that's why he invested $20 mill in your fund -- which wasn't the realreason, but that's what Conrad and Daniel were led to believe -- you didn't miss a beat turning the tables. You threatened to expose Conrad if he exposed you and that's where being outed gets trumped. When in doubt of being outed, tell the bully you know he's a terrorist and your secret will be safe forever. What I liked about this twist-of-the-plot was that Tyler was ready to expose the fact that Conrad had used David Clarke as a scapegoat for the terrorist attack. It actually would have been a quicker means to the end Amandily was hoping for. I mean, for like a split second, you and Amandily were on the same page... Now, based on the video you saw on Nolan's laptop that shows Lydia's doctored testimony and the coming attraction for next week's episode, we know you know a secret, and probably aren't against putting a gun to someone's head to get what you want... literally. Now, for those of you wondering, Clozapine, the drug Tyler was downing this episode, is used to treat schizophrenia. This medicine is only used when others have not worked. Something tells me, a lot hasn't worked for Tyler... 'til now.

Nolan Ross


You screwed me - and not on Frette sheets!

Dude, you got schooled. Proves you wrong for having a sex tape you thought would be private. First, what made you think that was a good idea? Second, never save stuff like that on a computer, that's connected to an internet connection, that you leave in a room where others could look at it. Have you learned nothingfrom the last 9 episodes? It's clear your loyalty got confused - you went for ass (Tyler) instead of helping a 'friend' (Amandily) and Amandily was right there to help clean things up for you. What I did like was that little chat you and she had on her porch. First, you called her Ems -- which methinks means you still like her, regardless of how she wronged you. Second, when you told her her father wouldn't approve of how she was handling things, you hit a chord. Because one thing I know about loyalty, loyalty to your parents -- and pleasing them -- is the strongest bond of all. Thanks for the reminder, Nolan.

Victoria Grayson

A Let the divorce begin! There will be blood.Looks like you are back to being on top, Mssss. Grayson. Or is it Victoria? What does one who is below you in stature call you, these days? You got your son back in the house, you got rid of Charlotte (we know you were upset, but we hope next episode justhappens at your house -- sans her). It was very clear your loyalty lays with your son (ours does too...) and with your own best interests in mind. When you are someone like you, how could you think of anyone else?

Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne (the REAL one!)


Crazy Stare!
Yeah, your little plot to be Amanda Clarke ain't working when you're trying to think of a childhood that was never yours. I found you a little annoying this episode. I don't know. I just don't think you're going to last. And your confrontation with Daniel was just plain creepy. Although, the facial reaction your name -- Amanda Clarke --got out of Victoria Grayson, was priceless. I can't wait til she actually meets you! 

Jack Porter


Is there a 28+ straight man that reads this blog that can teach this man how to have a pair of nuts? Your loyalty is up for the highest bidder with a sack of sentimentality. You are such a wuss.

Declan Porter/Charlotte Grayson

F When I didn't see the two of you for the first 20 minutes, I thought the writers had finally picked up on how unloved you were and decided to write you off. I was wrong when you both showed up and became the only thing I hated about this episode. Seriously, leave. _

Extra Credit

  • We can tell things are going to get juicy with the divorce attorney and are looking forward to seeing where thatplotline goes.
  • The coming attraction for next week has Tyler standing over a dinner-table filled with the crew, pointing a gun. WTF? We hear a gun shot - I really hope it's Ashley, Declan, or Charlotte that gets a cap in their ass.
  • Using the Yellow Lab as a device to show the simplicity of loyalty - he growls around the fakeAmanda Clarke, and is sweet around the realone - good one. Even the damn dog is aware of what's going on. When will someone else start catching on?


  • NO Lydia this episode? WTF??
  • I'm getting really tired of the set. Why is it on a sound-stage in LA? Why is the background done in post?
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Tyler Grayson. Nolan Ross. Jack Porter. Does literally EVERY character on this show have two first names?

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