Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is like The West Wing, except without Aaron Sorkin’s preaching. Or president. Or mile-a-minute dialogue. It’s a show about the government and people who believe passionately in its capacity for good. Well, one person: Deputy Director of Pawnee, Indiana’s Parks and Recreation Department, Leslie Knope. While President Bartlet was mired in the serious concerns, Deputy Director Knope manages the mostly weird, terribly unserious concerns of municipal government. But what Pawnee lacks in gravitas, it makes up for in warmth, laughter and Type II Diabetes.

Episode Guide

Season 7 Episode 12
Bye bye, Parks and Recreation. We miss you in the saddest fashion. There's one last ride for the Parks family — a mundane task intermingled with a series of flashbacks, something at which the Parks team really excels. It was better than a thousand How I Met Your Mother finales.
Season 7 Episode 11
Some really terrible things happen in this episode, but some really wonderful things happen, too. Bill Murray shows up, Ethel Beavers grosses us out and Jerry wins in a way we could have never expected. It's really hard to talk about this episode without spoiling it so please watch it then click.
Season 7 Episode 10
Johnny Karate is the best children’s show I’ve ever seen, and believe me, I have seen an embarrassing number of children's shows. Andy finally gets his moment to shine here, and he proves to be TV’s happiest character — even more optimistic than the infinitely idealistic Leslie Knope.
Ben and Leslie vs. men's rights
Season 7 Episode 9
Were you looking for a new Feminist Manifesto? This episode is for you. Leslie Knope is standing behind her husband, but she's not sitting down. Meanwhile, there's a scavenger hunt happening in Pawnee that not even Puzzle Master Ron Swanson may be able to solve.
april leslie hug
Season 7 Episode 8
If this were "Friends," the episode would be called "The One with Every Politician Ever." Or "The One Where April Hugged Leslie and I Played It Back Five Times Because I Didn't Believe It."
Season 1 Episode 7
It’s wedding bells for our beloved Donna and half of Key and Peele. Remember that time she got in trouble for tweeting about how hot the fire department was from the Parks & Recreation Twitter? Never let that Donna die.
Season 7 Episode 6
It’s Treat Yo Self 2017: Treat yourself to body bedazzling, celebrity sushi and plots that resolve perfectly against all logic. Treat yo self to Leslie and Ron’s renewed friendship. Treat yo self to watching Chris Pratt trying to wrangle up a bunch of tiny ninjas. This episode is sweeter than the Pawnee River after all that runoff from the candy factory drained into it.
Season 7 Episode 5
Ah yes, the future we all expected: Big Brother has taken over and he is delivering personalized, wonderful gifts to the residents of Pawnee. Plus, Nicki Minaj threw shade at Jesse Eisenberg at the BAFTAs. Will the Gryzzl madness ever end? Will the celebrities feuds of the future ever cease to amaze me? I'm leaning toward no for both those questions.
Season 7 Episode 4
Who knew that a running joke about "We Didn't Start the Fire" and a reference to breakfast food could bring me so close to tears? We're only on the fourth episode of the final season and emotions are running thicker than the legendary syrup at J.J.'s Diner.
Annoying Andy
Season 7 Episode 3
In the future, Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson are mortal enemies — almost to the level of Morgan Freeman and Shailene Woodley, apparently. Could America’s most insignificant president end the feud? Leslie and Ron, that is. Morgan and Shailene have passed the point of no return, I assume.
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