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Parks and Recreation is like The West Wing, except without Aaron Sorkin’s preaching. Or president. Or mile-a-minute dialogue. It’s a show about the government and people who believe passionately in its capacity for good. Well, one person: Deputy Director of Pawnee, Indiana’s Parks and Recreation Department, Leslie Knope. While President Bartlet was mired in the serious concerns, Deputy Director Knope manages the mostly weird, terribly unserious concerns of municipal government. But what Pawnee lacks in gravitas, it makes up for in warmth, laughter and Type II Diabetes.

Episode Guide

Season 6
We're coming up on the end of Parks and Rec, and with that Feelings Bomb of a season finale, the above quote seems appropriate. You can bet I wrote this whole thing eating breakfast foods.
Season 6 Episode 21
Well swaddle me up and call the Pawnee Fire Dept., because I am a Parks and WRECK. I’m not even sorry for that pun because I am so amped up about this finale, guys. Raise your hand if you spontaneously combusted during last night’s double feature and are currently looking for the rest of your body parts. I can’t see you, but I know you’re there.
Season 6 Episode 20
We had everything on Parks and Recreation this week; Kings, triplets, KEEGAN MICHAEL KEY (I’m a huge fan, no big deal): it’s like looking a recipe that calls for flour, sugar and butter and thinking, “Hmm, this is probably cake.” I took a look at the first five minutes and thought, “Hmm, this is probably going to be a crazy-ass circus show.” But surprisingly, especially now that we’re nearing the end of season six, it was a pretty laid back episode. The only real source of stress was from our favorite spaz, Benji Wyatt. Even Leslie was chill, and she has three humans inside her! Certainly an interesting recipe this week.
Season 6 Episode 19
Well…I guess you could say “Flu Season 2” ended on one hell of a pregnant pause! No? How about: It seemed pretty apparent to Ben that Leslie had something important to say. Or, Pawnee was alive with the Ulta-Sound of Music. Okay, I feel like I need to physically apologize for that one, but I womb’t. Won’t. Sorry.
Season 6 Episode 18
The gang is going to Prom this week, which means everyone's looking hot and reminiscing about the greatest years of their lives: HIGH SCHOOL (that was sarcasm, I trust you read it with the proper inflection.) Leslie is still wired up from the idea of moving to Chicago for an amazing job opportunity, causing her to panic about the future of the Parks Dept. Ben and Tom team up to argue about music genres DJ together in a respectful, open-minded manner. And April gets to bring back Orin to play her Prom-mom and sufficiently creep us all out (man, I love April). Let's get to it, Parkies!
Season 6 Episode 17
Guys, Parks and Rec is in it to WIN IT. "It" being my heart and soul of course. It's so easy to fizzle out and recycle old storylines by the time a show's sixth season rolls around, but Parks ain't having NONE of that. Instead, we're getting some interesting and, as always, relatable shifts in character dynamics.
Season 6 Episode 16
On this "smooth and silky" episode Leslie gets jazzed about democratically polling Pawnee's new town slogan, despite interference from Ira and the Douche. Tom gets jazzed about finding his new restaurant space, much to the chagrin of April and Donna. And Ron gets jazzed about, well, jazz. DUKE SILVER'S BACK, Y'ALL. Let's all dive into "a warm bath of [Duke Silver's] jazz" and begin this recap:
Season 6 Episode 15
I’m Perd Hapley, and you’re reading “Ya Heard? With Perd”. The story of today’s top news is that it’s our most important. Ex-Councilwoman Knope has the whole town buzzing, literally, and I’ve been told to say that like it’s a pun. After stocking the wall dividing Pawnee and Eagleton with trained killer bees, Mrs. Knope tricked Eagletons into smashing it open with what some might describe as malicious intent. The closing statement this reporter has is a question: will Mrs. Knope train the bees to hunt down Pawneeans next? Let’s begin this recap by starting it. So I hated most of this week’s episode and figured what better way to lighten the mood with some Perd Hapley references!
Season 6 Episode 14
After the Great Battle at the Dump, Lady Leslie, of the Knope/Wyatt clan, raises her sword to unite the two feuding nations of Eagleton and Pawnee under one banner, lest their dissention destroy them both. While she is distracted, her loving but competitive husband, Lord Wyatt, works in secret with the gremlin Gingerich to finally dethrone her as Queen of Gift-Giving after years of successive and pathetic defeat. In the Game of Anniversaries, you either gift…or you die.
Season 6 Episode 13
Alright, I’m hoping by now that we’ve all surfaced from our own personal ocean of tears (thanks, Tom Petty) long enough to talk about this week’s episode. “Ann and Chris” was an experiment in how many different ways the writers could rip our still-beating hearts out of our chest and pass them around like the world’s saddest hockey pucks. AKA, Chris and Ann were saying their goodbyes to Pawnee.
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