Nick Miller

“Life sucks. And then it gets better and then it sucks again.”

Grumpy bartender Nick Miller is like an old man in a young dude’s body, so it’s only natural for his defining moment to be when he came across a mysterious old man claiming to be Nick’s future self. Sure, the guy turned out to be certifiable and may have lived in the alley behind the bar, but he taught us a great deal about Nick, like the fact that he stays behind a barrier – er, I mean bar – for a reason and that he’ll one day have to apologize to Jess. We all know there’s more to Nick’s relationship with Jess than meets the eye, but for now we’ll settle for him being the underdog everyman he is, grumpiness included.

Nick Miller's Episode Guide


I am trying really hard to have a positive attitude while grading this episode, but New Girl is just really starting to wear on me. Did it seem like the entire episode was yelling? Was there a point to any of it? I guess Nick and Jess broke up (right? Is that what happened?) but it wasn't quite clear.


You know what bothers me more than this incessant story line revolving around Jess's renegade sister? More even than the fact that the writers refuse to give us enough back story on Abby Day to make us remotely care about her? It's the sheer lack of creativity in titling the episodes. Sister I, Sister II, and Sister III? Seriously? Did they literally just give up? The only benefit of this naming system is that it gave us some idea as to when it would end.


Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters! Okay, that's not exactly true in this case, but we all got to meet Jess's big, bad sister Abby Day and it was certainly something to behold. And no, Abby wasn't played by Zooey's real life sister Emily Deschanel (although I hope she guest stars at some point!), but Linda Cardellini did a fantastic job bringing to life Jess's edgier train wreck of an older sister who's got a heavy hand with the eyeliner and is no stranger to jail time.


If Prince needed to allow us sufficient time to freak out about his appearance, surely we needed more than two days to recover from it. A double dose of New Girl this week was inevitably going to be a bit of a let down after Sunday night's spectacular, but there were some fun parts to this episode -- namely the guest appearance by Seth Cohen aka Adam Brody as Jess's crazy ex, Berkeley! Is it bad that I was equally if not more excited to see him than Prince? Too bad there wasn't a cameo from Captain Oats.


Regardless of who won or lost that silly football game last night (no seriously, I have no idea), true love prevailed on New Girl thanks to the sage wisdom and butterfly whispering of legendary super star PRINCE.


If you're a fan of both New Girl (which, let's say for argument's sake that you are, since you're reading this recap) and The Mindy Project, then last night was a doozy for your heartstrings. The gang celebrated Jess's birthday on New Girl and Nick cemented the fact that every woman in America wishes he were their boyfriend.


Frustrated by the fact that Coach doesn't seem as easily swayed by her charms as her other roomfriends, Jess sets out to befriend him by feigning an interest in basketball. No, Jessica Day is not the first gal to fake-like sports to get a guy's attention, but she is probably the the first girl to swear off sex with her own cute boyfriend just to make a point about forging said friendship.


If I had 21 minutes to make a life changing decision, there's nowhere I'd rather be than at a bar surrounded by my best friends. And so, we begin the winter season of New Girl with Jess soliciting advice from her merry band of woebegone dude buddies in hopes that they will help her decide whether or not to abandon her teaching career for a lucrative fundraising gig at a children's museum (HA. Lucrative fundraising job, you say? Ridiculous, I know. It's fiction, just go with it).

Naturally, the guys make it all about them and each relives his own "How I came to be the way I am" career story. Schmidt's was hilarious, Winston's was random, Coach's didn't make any sense, and Nick's was the sweetest.

But never send a man to do a woman's job -- it was Cece who showed up at the eleventh hour (or just before 6pm, to be exact) to remind Jess of her innate love for teaching.


Why do people always think holidays will be more fun if you stray from tradition? That is the whole point of tradition -- it's tested by time and undergone years of perfection. No, that wacky new twist on cranberry sauce you read about in a trendy food magazine will not be as good as your mom's. Nick Miller, it seems, isn't of this opinion. That's why he thought it would be a good idea to suggest an outdoor camping Thanksgiving where all food would be acquired via hunting and gathering. He didn't even bring the PIES Jess baked. What? Always bring pie.


It was inevitable, I suppose. Two people as hot as Coach and Cece were not about to stay apart for long. That's right, Coach officially made his move on Cece -- with Schmidt's begrudging approval. Their date may not have been a dream one (Coach was so nervous he had text his mom for moral support) but it ended with a back alley makeout sesh, so something must have clicked.

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