Modern Family Season 4 Episode 22

My Hero.


It’s weird to think of an adult Mitchell without Cam. I can picture gawky, closeted teenage Mitchell perfectly, wearing black and silently seething as his father “accidentally” slips him a Playboy, but grown-up Mitchell, dating someone else? I just can’t. It seems that Cam can’t either, so when the Tucker-Pritchetts run into Teddy, Mitchell’s ex, he’s ostentatiously gracious. It’s only when they – along with everyone else in the Pritchett-Dunphy-Delgado extended family – attend Teddy’s roller-rink fundraiser that Cam sees Teddy’s easy rapport with the clan, and his real insecurity comes out – it’s with Mitchell’s family. As Cam puts it, he worked his fingers to the bone winning over those jumpy Protestants!

Elsewhere at the Skate-o-Rama, Claire dodges a job offer from her dad, Phil endures physical pain in the name of getting Gloria on skates and Hayley teaches Alex how to pick up boys. This isn’t new territory for Modern Family, but who cares? Whatever gets the family to a roller rink is fine with me.

Cam & Mitchell
B & B

No one likes to see their partner's past in the present, especially if that partner can effortlessly succeed at something as difficult as winning over Jay while dating his son. Patience, Cam. Teddy might be able to break your punching bag arcade game record without even trying, but I bet only one of you can birth a cow with one hand while styling the scarecrow something fierce with the other. 


Jay & Claire

A & A
Great news - Jay's protege has been embezzling cash, and now the family business needs a new second-in-command. Who else would Jay want but Claire? She could end up with the whole business - as Gloria puts it, “You know that he’s got this thing going on in his chest, so you never know where you’re going to end up, Claire!” – but Claire isn’t having it, which is insane. I believe that Jay was a crappy boss in the past, but Claire has seen Jay’s house! Look at that House That The Closet Business Built, Claire! And look at how much Jay golfs! Owning the Closet Business That Must Produce Closets Made of Gold seems like a pretty sweet gig.

Anyway, when Claire sees Jay build Cam up, she realizes that he might be a little bit softer these days, and after she delivers a full-on monologue about work while cleaning the concession stand, making a sale, hustling for tips, and drinking a beer all at the same time, I’m pretty sure she’ll whip that business into shape by her second day on the job. 

Phil & Gloria

A & A


Phil notices Gloria’s lack of skating ability, and instantly lasers in on an opportunity to hold her hand. Skating makes Gloria so nervous that she gets the “nervous burps” and claws at Phil’s face, but that’s a small price to pay for eventually making it around the rink – even if she had to pants Phil to do it. 

Haley & Alex
A & A

Haley and Alex bond! They admit that the other one is each at least a little bit cool (Alex) and smart (Haley). Awwwww.


"My Hero"

 AThis is the kind of low-concept stuff Modern Family excels at. Any outing with the Pritchett-Dunphy-Delgado clan is alright by me. Pretty much As across the board. 

Extra Credit

  • Luke’s hero is his mom! Even if he didn’t think too much about it, it’s still sweet.


  • I believe that Mitchell didn’t realize how much his family hangs out with Teddy, but isn’t that kind of weird? 


Episode Grade Points: 
Season 4 Episode 21.
Season 5 Episode 1.

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