Walking Dead: Charlotte Charles VS. Sister Mary Eunice.

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Pushing Daisies' Charlotte Charles VS. American Horror Story's Sister Mary Eunice


We first encounter the charming heroine of Pushing Daisies as an adult in a coffin. Because she’s dead. Luckily it’s not for long, thanks to Ned’s magical powers to rouse the deceased for 60 seconds without consequence. Magic always has its cost after all. Enchanted to see Chuck alive, Ned makes the impulsive move to keep her in this life in exchange for someone else's death (#PiemakerProblems). So begins Chucks fresh start in Coeur D’Coeurs. A simple existence of solving murderers, falling in love and of course, plenty of pie. The true polar opposite of a Disney movie, if Charlotte were ever to share true love's kiss with Ned, then she would drop dead once again. 

Sister Mary Eunice

Oh Briarcliff. American Horror Story: Asylum’s mental institution is a walk in the park for Sister Mary Eunice (if by ‘park’ you mean, ‘sketchy woods where she feeds Frankenstein-esque monsters’). At least until your standard exorcism goes awry and Satan takes up residence in your bod. Workplace hazard! Once Mary Eunice is just a human shell to perform the devil’s bidding in lipstick, the real craziness ensues. Eunice murders, rapes and schemes her way through the season, leaving a trail of bodies and bloodshed on the highway back to Hell. 


Charlotte Charles
Sister Mary Eunice

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