The Finals: Friends’ Ross Geller VS. Seinfeld's Cosmo Kramer.

In the spirit of March Madness, Character Grades hosted a Crazy-Off. View the bracket, read the face-offs and then vote in our final round for who you're most CRAZY about!

Friends’ Ross Geller VS. Seinfeld's Cosmo Kramer


The first annual Character Crazy-Off delivered all the greatness that’s become synonymous with the basketball tourney. SuspenseUpsetsShirtless men! Luckily for everyone, no one’s femur exploded apart during this tourney (notch!) but it was still a brutal Cormac McCarthy-esque road to the Championship. Out of the fires of competition have risen 2 characters – one an obvious kook and the other a mostly closeted crazy. In what’s been heralded as “the MOST exciting character bracket EVER!” by fans (probably), it all comes down to this. There can only be one winner.

Our final face-off will examine what the Crazy-Off is all about – reasons why we love these guys. I’ll be breaking down my affinity for the dudes by talking about my favorites of their episodes.


“The One Where Ross Finds Out” may be 30 perfect minutes of television. From Friends’ second season, the episode is when Ross finally learns that the feelings he’s had for Rachel his entire adult life are, in fact, reciprocated. The knowledge comes from a drunken voicemail Rachel she leaves while on a date with a guy who encourages her to “get closure.” Learning this information leaves Ross shell-shocked. His reaction is everything we love about his character – he’s a nerd. A socially awkward, romantically clueless, completely endearing nerd. Ross fumbles and putzes around, but he also pulls it together. He’s the underdog who came from behind to hit the jumpshot at the final buzzer – he gets his girl. And that, is a little thing I like to call… closure.


As any Seinfeld fan knows, choosing your favorite Kramer episode is like trying to remain the master of your domain… impossible! (Serenity now).

Jk! It’s doable and I did it (but not before falling into a deep and unforgiving K-hole of Must-See TV nostalgia). The winner of my fave Kramer-centric episode (and my heart) goes to “Little Jerry”. This season 2 ep focused on everyone’s favorite New York City pastime – cock-fighting. Kramer adopts what he thinks is a hen (for it’s eggs, obviously) only to find out he’s the proud poppa of a rooster. As it turns out, Little Jerry is a skilled fighter and works his way up the ring. Proud, ridiculous and loyal, Kramer’s relationship with Little Jerry still, over 15 YEARS later, shines crazier than nearly anything on TV. Yada yada yada… He’s the one to beat.


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