Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 12

Get Up, Stand Up.

“Nice, you just ruined Kepner’s wedding."


God save anyone who got injured in Seattle last night, because every single doctor was at Kepner's wedding, complete with butterfly tins to release after the nuptials. I mean, come on – that’s crazy. Haven’t the attendings learned in 10 seasons not to leave interns alone in the hospital? Ross and Murphy go rogue and commandeer a OR, and reclaim George’s 007 status, while Bailey’s on her OCD meds and returns to surgery.

Meanwhile, Lady Footlocker finds it’s newest spokeswoman in April, the picture of a Runaway Bride, as Jackson crashes the ceremony and confesses his undying love for Kepner before it’s too late. Begging the question, why on Earth would April invite Jackson when she had to have known his plus one was disaster?

Also, Scandal's President Fitzgerald Grant III may or may not have Derek in his top five phone friends.

You are cordially invited to this week’s grades.

Kepner & Jackson

A & A+

"Make me feel special."


Holy 10 Things I Hate About You, Jackson, your speech in the church was my everything, “Even the things I don’t like about you, I love.” I think April got her wish quoted above, and I don’t know how a girl doesn’t feel special after that. Hell, I felt like my stomach had prematurely released those butterflies. Finally, this entire season seemed worth it, much like HIMYM this year, this wedding has been drawn out longer than Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears’ weddings combined. Finally the bizarre plotlines about revirginizing and flashmob proposals have brought up to this… reigniting the old flame between Kepner and Jackson. And I for one am going hold onto it like the Statue of Liberty.  

Mer & Cristina

A & B

“When did I become such a monster to you?”


While I am firmly planted on #TeamMer (I’ve even made teeshirts and mouse pads), I can’t help but root for Cristina’s continued success with her Medical Mystery of the Week, even if she has no idea how she saved the guy… and if it weren’t for Dr. Ross, she may have gotten away with it. Mer may have lost McSheep, but that was a calculated risk, and Cristina basically admitted she no sooner fixed her patient than when you slap the side of your TV when it’s on the fritz. She doesn't deserve Harper Avery... and isn't that almost nepotism, considering they back the hospital? No bother.

These gladiators are ready to go to war with eachother, and the only armor they need are heinous peach bridesmaids dresses. Check out some of this quips they dispelled:

“You became what you worshiped.” --Mer
“You became what we laughed at.” --Cristina

“You were what we set out to be.” --Mer
“You were something we never saw coming.” –Cristina

They hit the nail on the head, folks. Thank Pope Shonda for always putting my feelings into words for me… Cristina became what these two set out to become in this game of surgery while Mer became something no one ever saw coming, a hybrid supermom/supersurgeon. She can have her surgical cake and tea parties with Zola, too. The real issue here is the jealousy between these two woman has shifted from their professional lives to their personal lives. Though they used to push each other to become better doctors, all they seem to be doing now is pushing the others’ buttons.

Props to Kepner for shutting down this fight, being her wedding day and all. #NotCoolLadies.

Sidebar: How ironic is it that Cristina might win the Harper Avery, introduced when Dr. Burke, her ex-fiance won back in ’08? She’s proven that she’s just as good as her teachers if not better. She better win that awards before she leaves, because Yang deserves all the awards.


A+And it’s very possible that Scandal’s Fitz calls McDreamy on the regular. #CrossOver?! Hey, if it happened with Angel and Buffy, it’s within the realm of possibility, ignoring the double-cast actors. While I am absolutely positive this will drive a wedge between the McDreamies, with their competing research projects, but I think Meredith will come to terms when she talks to her on-screen dad, Cyrus Beene.


FI absolutely called this ya’ll. Though I dubbed him Icarus last week, he is now officially the new 007, licensed to kill. He’s been running full steam ahead since Mousey’s death at the top of the season, without stopping to take the time to heal some pretty dire emotional wounds, and it’s affecting his work and the successful outcome of his patients surgeries. We’ve seen the interns in past seasons have crazy McGyver surgeries in the elevator and in the examining rooms, but there were so many signs that he and his patient were on the midnight express to Deadsville. He’s gone too far, and while Webber sent him to sleep it off, we know there’s going to be a Survivor like tribunal waiting for him when we return for the spring premiere.

Alex & Jo

A+ & C

“You were the kid; I was the dad.”


I’m glad we finally get a glimpse into what made Dr. Evilspawn the guarded, rough and tumble guy we've come to know and love like an abusive older brother. I’m all for a rotten backstory, but my problem with Alex is that when he channels his rage, he’s ultimately become what he hates most about his father. It’s not surprise that he went into PEDS, having been so deeply affected by his own childhood. Honestly though, I think we could have lost this entire plotline all together. There was so much anticipation about whether Kepner would or wouldn’t walk down the aisle, I didn’t have enough wherewithal to care.

By the by, Jo this week was merely a prop this week, but her dress for the wedding was FABULOUS, ergo we had to pass her.

“Get Up, Stand Up”



This was one of those rare episodes where we didn’t need gunfire or explosions to up the ante, just a good of fashioned troupe of man not able to hold his peace during a wedding ceremony. Yes, the entire nation knew with Matthew and Kepner shouldn’t be married, and that she would jump ship for McDreamboat, Avery Jackson. The cliffhanger came so quickly that you needed climbing gear to stop from falling off the mountain of surprise. We’ll have to see where the dust settles, now that the carpets been ripped out from below the bride and groom, but I think we all know what’s going to happen. #TeamJackson. Just think about how hot and insecure those babies will be.

Extra Credit

  • Jackson can tell me I have cancer anytime. Hopefully I’m an actor on Grey’s when that happens, but if it goes down IRL, it should be him. Please and Thank You.
  • Mark Sloan reference!
  • Mer’s eye makeup was ON POINT!
  • The camera angles of the MerCristina fight.
  • THE DRESS. Kepner looks gorgeous. I’m pretty sure God approved… but come on, white… really? On second thought, God is tots mcgoats laughing somewhere.
  • “I have a seemtress for you. You will look pretty at my wedding.”
  • I’m not sure if this an Extra Credit or Demerit but the Priest looked hotter than Matthew.


  • Cristina ABSOLUTELY should have come back to take her picture with the printer. It is not cool that Mer’s work is going to be credited as Cristina’s in infamy in some medical journal. Also, IT’S MEREDITH’S PRINTER. You’re both board members… get Cristina her own printer already.
  • Kepner bumping into Avery… WORST FAKE MEET CUTE EVER.
  • What did that man whisper to his wife?
  • Murphy’s hair. Someone pissed off the makeup crew…
  • Derek, when someone writes down a figure on a piece of paper and passes it over to you, you always look. Pride be dammed. What if they wrote, “three wishes” or something.
  • I’m sorry… but I can’t believe there wasn’t a pool going on about the impending doom of the Kepner wedding. Someone would have walked with a boatload of cash, but then again, it would have been Sloan to start that. Then at least they could reimburse themselves for the toaster they bought for the wedding. 

What do you think, ya’ll? Will Kepner run off with Jackson? Will Matthew quit his paramedic job? See you all Feb 27th when Grey’s returns. Stay strong and warm, fellow gladiators. 

Episode Grade Points: 
Season 10 Episode 11.
Season 10 Episode 13.

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