Girls Season 1 Episode 4

Hannah's Diary.

Girls"Hannah's Diary"

"You're smarter than this, Hannah." - Marnie. Real talk.

Houston, we have progress! Minimal at best, but for these girls? I'll take it. I'm trying not to focus on their many steps backwards, but on their baby steps forward. What more could I expect from entitled 20-somethings? A job and some self respect. Not much. And we're starting to see some growth from these ladies, however flawed it may be. Let's get to the grading.


B+A friend once said to me, "The key to success is having no expectations." This is the best way to describe my opinion of Hannah. I'm ready to gather everyone 'round and give her an old fashioned slow clap this week. So far, we've known her as a spoiled, jobless literary brat with zero self-respect and an emotionally vacant and abusive non-boyfriend. However the Hannah of episode 4 is with job (and Mr. Sexual Harassment), and has managed to get her self respect ratio up a whopping 10%! For that, I think she deserves some accolades.

Yes, Adam may have sent her a dick pic meant for another girl, and yes, she ends up having sex with him once again, but not before delivering a controlled, empowered monologue at him demanding to be respected. I'm guessing the confidence came from the magical Chola eyebrows given to her by her new no-bullshit work friends. A little more "real" (despite being ethnic stereotypes) and a little older and wiser, they snap sense into Hannah in a way that her whiny young, white girlfriends hadn't been able to yet. I mean, you don't mess with sassy. And I'm really glad that Hannah was able to harness their hardened confident attitudes to give Adam a dose of humility.

Jessa & New Nanny Friends

C & A

"Hopefully Lola will turn out as well as you did." - DILF she babysits for.

No. Hopefully Lola will turn out to be a functioning member of society, who doesn't pretend to care about "the people" while wearing $600 shoes.

This week, Jessa's honeymoon period with her babysitting gig is over, and she muses about how weird it is that you have to go to work even when you don't want to. And with that line, ten million Americans hit their heads on their cubicle desks. I guess she should get credit for not bailing from the moment she didn't "feel" like showing up for work, but still. The things that earnestly come out of her mouth this week make my insides boil with the same fire that Hannah did last week.

Somehow, despite her ridiculous rally cries to the real, hardworking other nannies at the playground, they befriend her and even come to her rescue when she loses the two girls she's watching. The way they slapped their hands down on that table and attacked the situation like a boss was nothing short of incredible. These women are seasoned professionals. They have the nanny 6th sense. And one of them found the girls in a matter of 30 seconds, by sniffing out that they had hidden inside the gazebo. She couldn't even see them. Incredible.

The Boys

DCharlie and Ray find themselves alone in the "girls apartment" for the first time. So, naturally they rummage through their stuff looking for incriminating things. The complete lack of respect Ray has for Hannah and Marnie is despicable. And to get angry when he can't find anything worse than a vibrator and some worn panties? Disgusting!

It feels like Ray used Hannah's diary to take advantage of Charlie's insecurities about Marnie to make their shitty two-man band somewhat interesting. They can't play. They can't sing. So what is left? Lyrics. They make the lyrics invasive and incriminating and turn Hannah's private and, might I add, spot on thoughts about Charlie and Marnie into a rage song.

Cue the sarcastic golf claps.


COh, sleep away camp. Her plot line was particularly weird for me because I actually went to camp with the actor that played her suitor. Like, in real life. Granted it was theater camp (Hey, Hey Stagedoor!) and not Camp Ramah, but honestly -- they're close enough. Anyway poor Shoshanna can't even give her V-Card away. Because nobody wants to be that guy. But good for her cute underwear set and staying in shape? I guess?

Extra Credit

  • "It's hella different!" -- because, well, it is.
  • "Would you have sex with a virgin?" "Depends on the virgin." "Me." "Oh Shosh. If I had a cock it's all I'd do."


  • Kids do not suck all the air out of rafts on a dare at sleep away camp. It's way more sinister than that.
  • Skinny Horatio Sanz! No, but really, who told him they were filming something?
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Monday, May 7, 2012 - 11:20am

Oh my. So many feelings about this episode.

1) Jessa is the worst. The. Worst. Oh, you have this super brilliant, original idea to start a nanny union? You don't think that's been tried be for. And you'll cut your own hourly wage that doesn't even begin to cover the cost of your expensive-looking bangles? How noble. The. Worst. And I know she's supposed to be the worst. But ugh.

2) Eyebrows! No! I'm so particular about them and Hannah's crazy drawn on eyebrows made me want to cry.

3) Reading the diary? Gross. Taking the diary out of the room? Not OK. Taking the diary on stage and singing excerpts about how Hannah doesn't like you and thinks Marne should break up with you? Straight up psychopath behavior. There is no coming back from that. Marne is now totally free to go fuck Jorma Taccone without being the bad guy.

4) I completely don't believe Marne's reaction would be to flip out at Hannah. She kind of hates Charlie. She knows Hannah thinks they should break up. Why would she be shocked by anything written Hannah's diary? Why would she be mad at Hannah for Charlie and Ray stealing Hannah's diary? Why wouldn't she punch Charlie in the face right there?

5) Where is Andrew Rannells? Like, a good 65% of my interest in this show is hold-over from my Book of Mormon fandom.

Monday, May 7, 2012 - 11:29am

4) I think the only reason Marnie was so pissed at Hannah is because the charade was up. She's all about self preservation, much like a mid-19th century countess or something. As long as things LOOK perfect she's okay. But god forbid someone see s a chip in her perfect life. You know?

Monday, May 7, 2012 - 12:22pm

That makes sense. It just bums me out like woah.

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