Why I Broke-Up With Connie Britton.

It’s not hyperbolic at all to say that Friday Night Lights was the greatest television show of this generation. It’s fact. No star shone brighter than Tami Taylor -- aka Connie Britton. I mean, look at this:


Connie Britton’s hair must have a $5 million dollar insurance policy.

But this isn’t the only reason I loved her. Her nuanced performance as Tami Taylor is a near perfect depiction of womanhood. She’s confident, smart, warm and suffered no fools. Chanting “Texas forever,” I vowed to follow her anywhere.

That anywhere turned out to be Nashville. A show full of false starts and desperate acts of puppy gifting. (Welcome canine cousin Oliver).

I entered Nashville with high hopes. Not only was I going to see The Hair, but I anticipated crying jags precipitated by Britton’s perfect twang. There’s nothing country music offers so well as the melodrama of a broken heart. Right, Tay? Everyone was cast perfectly. (Except Teddy, because he should die.) Rayna’s marriage would disintegrate so she could begin a slow crawl back to her one true love–bad boy musician Deacon. Hayden Panetierre was there for everyone to hate-watch. Somewhere in the background was a hilarious puppet-master father with a deep, southern growl. The Cal of Tennessee.  

Gunner and Scarlet

There’s also some love triangle full of poorly-dressed Australians that no one cares about. They exist simply to fill the show (and my life) with heartbreaking harmonies. My shower never heard such impassioned belting...

You promised me the world, Nashville.

Truth: Promises are made to be broken. Chekhov coined the phrase that a gun in the first act it needs to fire in the second act. This does things like foreshadow, build tension, raise stakes, etc. The problem with Nashville is that they show you the gun in the preview, fire it in the episode and then clean up the mess in the first five minutes of next week (or, in their case, every three weeks).

Case in point:

  • Act 1: Gun
    A sexy new rehab counselor comes to live with Juliette and her mom.
  • Preview: Gun Fires
    Juliette sleeps with him. Her mom mouth rapes him!
  • Act 2: Resolution
    They both find out (too soon!) and then Juliette sends her mom packing. Snore. 

And then there’s the biggest firearm in the whole series: Deacon. He’s the illegitimate father of one of Rayna’s daughters. He sleeps with Juliette. He’s a recovering alcoholic. You know what they’ve done with all this? Nothing. They gave him a new girlfriend and a puppy.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 7:52pm

watched the season finale last night and I too am through. I watched FNL for the first time back in Jan and like you gave American Horror Story a try..purely because of Britton. AMS was really good story-wise, but Britton fell flat there to me. She was born to play Tami Taylor...that relaxed, go with the flow attitude is natural and I was thinking ok Nashville, she can do this. um, no. Rayna should be a spit-fire. Not just because of her family drama, but this is supposed to be a woman fighting for her career. Yes, the writing sucks, but with the improv they did on FNL, I expected Britton to eat this character alive. She's an actress...so why is her stage presence when "performing" concerts so lackluster? so she doesn't think she can sing..ever heard of faking it til you make it (em, acting). heck, Michael Douglas can't play the piano! Don't even get me started on those Aussies. I was invested in Scarlett, but she's even starting to irk me. I don't care about the car accident. they've lost me in the fall!

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