Best of the Save Community Campaign.

Since NBC announced that Community would be going on a prolonged, indefinite hiatus after its Christmas episode in December, the show's cast and its fans have been on a crusade to rally support for the ratings-challenged program. From endless pieces of fan-art to occupations of NBC, impeccably reasoned analysis to the sobs of Gillian Jacobs, Community's fandom has spent the last few months asserting its place in the pantheon of "save a show" campaigns. What it lacked in a unified effort (Bob Greenplatt wasn't sent 10,000 lbs of nuts, for example) it more than made up for in off-the-wall awesomeness. Here some of Save Community's best moments:

Fan Art

Here's the Community cast dressed like the X-Men! Now as Batman Villians! And here they are re-imangined as Street Fighter characters! Why? Do you even go here? This is the internet. Weird, magical nonsense is what we're all about. Combine Community's hyper-referential id with the internet's proclivity to mash-up anything and everything and you've got stuff like this series of posters all but destined to go viral.

Occupy NBC

The Save Community effort lacked the same focus of past save the show campaigns, but that wasn't necessarily a problem. Without a strict script to deviate from, Greendale Human Beings could freely tap into the zeitgeist and do whatever they thought would get the most attention. Like, say, staging an Occupy NBC protest at 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Complete with signs and human microphones.

The Cast Gets Involved

First Donald Glover stopped an interview to give an informative PSA about the dangers of Community being of the air, then the entire cast created an in-character video detailing why Greendale needs your support with the help of CollegeHumor and finally Gillian Jacobs and Alison Brie made headlines by sobbing in an interview with the DailyBeast when the conversation turned to the subject of cancellation. We're all in this together! And who doesn't love that?

What about you, Community superfans? What were your favorite moments in this crazy campaign? And finally, Congrats to us all. We did it! Victory will taste oh-so sweet this Thursday night.

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