6 Community Theme Park Attractions.

The second half of Community's third season returns this week after a prolonged hiatus. When the show was shelved in December fans and cast members took to the streets (at one point literally) demanding not just the return of their show but #sixseasonsandamovie. Writer Megan Ganz, however, upped the ante in a recent interview with The Daily Beast: she wants twelve seasons and a theme park. A serious suggestion that demanded attention, brainstorming and doodles. We've accepted Ms. Ganz's challenge and produced six totally realistic ideas for attractions at a Community-themed park. 

The Darkest Timeline

“I’m gonna go as fast as I can so I don’t miss anything.”

Strap on your fake-goatee safety belt and get ready - The Darkest Timeline starts here. Speed through the ring of fire, pass by the evil troll and get sprayed with blood from Pierce’s femoral artery today! Spanning the death of Pierce, Annie’s mental breakdown and the return of Shirley’s alcoholism, as well as nearly 3,500 feet, the Darkest Timeline is a solid 90-seconds of high octane thrills.

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