Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is the story of a man, a monster and methamphetamine. Vince Gilligan’s cinematic, suspenseful drama follows the devolution of Walter White from meek, pitiable chemistry teacher to controlling, sociopathic drug lord. The common thread is Walt’s mortality; from the fatal cancer diagnosis he receives in the pilot, death is always hovering on his shoulder, manifesting as a devil who encourages dealing out blue crystal. Walt blazes a path of carnage he's desperate to view not as a byproduct of his recklessness, but as a legacy.


Episode Guide

Obligatory Spoiler Alert: Do not read unless you’ve watched ALL of Breaking Bad AND The Sopranos. You have been warned... Thanks to a cosmic coincidence involving my raging HBO GO addiction and the cruel AMC scheduling gods, I embarked on a unique journey this fall.
Season 5 Episode 16
So what did you guys think of that Homeland premiere? Haha, but seriously folks, this was a fantastic finale for one of the greatest television shows of all time. Breaking Bad left the world of television the same way it came in - dark, slightly off kilter, and completely gripping.
Gear up for the Breaking Bad finale the best possible way... by doing meth! KIDDING! We mean booze, of course. Check out our drinking game for the last episode ever of your favorite show.
Season 5 Episode 15
Well, it’s not quite over Saul, you Negative Nicolai, but hoo-boy are we getting there. It feels wrong to character grade the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad – it’s all too serious.
Season 5 Episode 14
It was one of the most breathless, infuriating, heartbreaking episodes of dramatic television ever produced. This makes The Wire look like Gumby. This makes The Sopranos look like Murphy Brown. This makes The Walking Dead look like The Talking Dead. It was very difficult to not write this whole recap in all caps. THAT'S HOW INTENSE THIS EPISODE WAS.
Season 5 Episode 13
Vince Gilligan, I'm sorry. Last week you had me at the end of my rope. I had all but given up. After three episodes of depressingly basic police procedural drama, you gave us a twenty minute thrill ride in the form of the second half of this episode.
Season 5 Episode 12
I don't know how to say this...I'm not sure how I feel about these last few Breaking Bads. I mean, I know it's still the best series on television. I know the acting, writing, performing are all top notch. But why does every week since the premiere feel like a let down? Is it the lack of fun heists, schemes and murders? Am I expecting too much? Is it stretching credibility? Or is it just me?
Season 5 Episode 11
A wise man once said "Living well is the best revenge." Unfortunately, Jessie Pinkman was not listening. Either that or he misheard it as "Ruining your own life by lighting your friend's house on fire is the best revenge."
Season 5 Episode 10
I'm no lawyer, but apparently wry inscriptions in poetry books aren't admissible as evidence in a court of law. Hank can beat Walt up in his garage all he wants, but he can't arrest the guy without some real proof. Like OJ Simpson glove kinda proof.
Season 5 Episode 9
This was one of the most riveting hours of television I've ever seen, and for what? People talking. No train heists, not shoot-outs, no explosions. Just human drama played out like a gut-wrenching Shakespearean tragedy.
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