Bored To Death Season 3 Episode 2


"Oh my God! Gumball shot him!"

This is called a slate. Welcome to the exciting world of television.

Here I go again on my own. Literally on my own. WHY DID NO ONE WATCH THE PREMIERE? More people tuned in for the Kardashian wedding.

This is a scan of her brain

I can't even begin to say what thatsays about America AND don't even get me started on what THIS says. My point being: let's make America better people. Let's start watching Bored To Death. (AND remember I work there. Don't make me turn tricks for rent money ... again.)


A very brief tryst with Kitty (I feel dirty), his unadulterated BROMANCE (hip, timely reference) with George and Ray, add a death defying spin on a carousel and Jonathan has a lot going on in this episode. Not to mention how he done real good detecting the mysteries. Even though he got left out of the cuddling (this is a reference to George and Ray, notKitty) I'm still giving him a solid:


I want to say that not only does this picture make me want to Character Grade SO HARD it ALSO came from this website:


Wow. This is all I have to quote:

"Have you tried to go to the bathroom? Are you sore?" -Ray

"My high was breast-feeding Spencer and being nursed by Leah. I didn't have a low." - Ray

"How's staring camp going?" - Ray

Also he brings back the whiskey nipple but flips the gender and makes it legally sexy. You guys know how I feel about fetishes.

This picture is not of me. It is of my coworkers at work demonstrating that: my job > your job. Also high five for fetishes.


Above all else, George Christopher is a man of principle.

"I might sleep with a woman half my age but I'd never marry her." - George

George is also probably the best friend a guy could ask for. You can live in his place rent free, he will loan you money at any time, he is always up for a good time and has the connections to help you out of a framed for murder jam.

Did I mention that sometimes I like to pretend that George is just Sam from Cheersliving an exciting new life in NYC after he divorced Diane? Spoiler alert I'm pretty sure Sam marries Diane after the series finale. Ted Danson is so cool:

Pretty Picture!


Howard hates Ray. Ray hates Howard. I love their hate. Being angry really brings out the best in Howard. And who doesn't relate to his problems? I mean, we've all exposed ourselves on the D-Train before right guys? Right? Stupid camera-phones.


If you're going to go femme fatale go ALL the way femme fatale. SHE is doing it right. (And she's just drawn that way)


Bitch got shot. By his girlfriend. Who's taller than him.

Extra Credit

  • Whiskey Nipple Returns
  • "Well, in the last 24 hrs i found out i came from a sperm bank in Fairlawn, NJ and i've been framed for murder." - Jonathan
  • "No spooning Ray" - George and Jonathan
  • "I will tango and foxtrot with you there" - George
  • "Man down, George is stoned" - Jonathan


  • I know for a fact some of the more 'adult' cuddling positions hit the cutting room floor.

I'll tango and foxtrot with you bitches next time.

Season 3 Episode 1.
Season 3 Episode 3.

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Friday, November 4, 2011 - 11:28am

Hi Darci!!!!
Thank you for your comment! I appreciate you, really I do. As for your HBO 2 Go problems, I'm sorry? Sometimes the internetz suck? Best of luck next time. As for the 2 part episode: BTD has such a short season (only 8 episodes!) that if we gave up two episodes right off the bat we would be a very slutty tv show. That's just not the tv show we want to be, plus tension, drama, excitment etc.. I also love the opening scene and I thank you for pointing out another great part of BTD that I don't always mention: the soundtrack! Did you know Jason Schwartzman does the opening credits? And that he was a founding member of the band that does the O.C. Song? Fun facts! Keep reading and your blog is a very sexy good blog!

Friday, October 28, 2011 - 7:38pm

Really wish they would've just combined the first episode and this into an hour-long instead of making it just "part 2" uh I watched it HBO 2 Go anyway at the same time but my connection isn't great so it was all pixelated and sort of ruined it for me...that said, the episode itself fully lived up to my expecations!

Loved the opening scene of "Gumball" as Jonathan and Ray are sneaking away from the cops (watch at ). Zach G's and Jason S. are both masters at physical humor and facial expressions, and those were so key to this whole scene. Also it was awesome that they used "Howl" by Junip as the song, such a great tune.

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